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Fluids is open-source software for engineers and technicians working in the fields of chemical, mechanical, or civil engineering. It includes modules for piping, fittings, pumps, tanks, compressible flow, open-channel flow, atmospheric properties, solar properties, particle size distributions, two phase flow, friction factors, control valves, orifice plates and other flow meters, ejectors, relief valves, and more.

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Get the latest version of fluids from https://pypi.python.org/pypi/fluids/

If you have an installation of Python with pip, simple install it with:

$ pip install fluids

Alternatively, if you are using conda as your package management, you can simply install fluids in your environment from conda-forge channel with:

$ conda install -c conda-forge fluids

To get the git version, run:

$ git clone git://github.com/CalebBell/fluids.git

Latest source code

The latest development version of fluids’s sources can be obtained at

Bug reports

To report bugs, please use the fluids’s Bug Tracker at:

If you have further questions about the usage of the library, feel free to contact the author at Caleb.Andrew.Bell@gmail.com.

License information

Fluids is MIT licensed. See LICENSE.txt for full information on the terms & conditions for usage of this software, and a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.

Although not required by the fluids license, if it is convenient for you, please cite fluids if used in your work. Please also consider contributing any changes you make back, such that they may be incorporated into the main library and all of us will benefit from them.

Compliance information

The author testifies that this software is not subject to the US EAR. The country of origin of this software is Canada. The author also confirms confirm that this software is not developed by, contain components developed by, or receive substantial influence from entities prohibited by Section 889 of the 2019 NDAA.


To cite fluids in publications use:

Caleb Bell (2016-2021). fluids: Fluid dynamics component of Chemical Engineering Design Library (ChEDL)

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